Logic Cube - Android Game - Free

How application works?

You will see 2 screens, that cannot be modified, you have to use logic to find out the 3d screen and win :)

  1. level selector - logic cubes - start button can be found in the main menu and it will redirect you to level selector. Once you select the level you will be able to start playing
  2. buy credits- logic cubes - You can buy credits that will help you to complete the game faster. These are optiona but it can help me build more functionalities
  3. help menu - it redirects you to this page
  4. left arrow and right arrow - helps you navigate in level chooser screen or when you play the level it helps you navigate through those 3 screens
  5. clear level - Keep this button pressed to set all cubes to black
  6. copy - copy screen nr 2, keep button pressed
  7. different cubes - If you click one of these cubes you will be able to draw on the black block grid
  8. current page - when you play the level, this will show you on what screen you are. Only on screen nr 3 you can draw, first 2 are just giving you hints about how level 3 might be
  9. game credit - This shows you how much credit you have. When you complete a level you will get 1 credit. You can also buy credits via in apps.
  10. time elapsed - How much time has passed since the game started
  11. validate - when you think you figure out the pattern hit this button. If the patterns is wrong a message will show up, else a win screen will show up
  12. back - Keep this button pressed to go to main menu

About Logic Cube Game

Logic cube puts your mind to work. You have a grid of cubes. You get 2 patterns you have to guess the 3d one. 40 levels. New levels added each week so that you never run out of levels. Make sure you update the application when new updates are available. The best part is that is free and it will always be.

Can I submit game levels?

Right now the only way you can submit a level is by sending a jpg to info@flester.ro. I will be adding support for this in a future version

Changing or deleting/uninstalling application will erase my credit?


How to report a bug or send feedback?

You can contact me via contact page

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