Python average of a list

If you just want to calculate the average of numbers, insert it in the next form and press compute

Let's assume we have these numbers in a list:

data = [0,1,8,9,5,3,10,2,2,5]

The mean is the sum of our list divided by the nr of elements

Simple put mean = (0 + 1 + 8 + 9 + 5 + 3 + 10 + 2+ 2 + 5) / 10

So let's count the list elements

count = len(data)

Display the count

print(f"Data has {count} items")

In python you can use sum function to add all elements of a list

And now you can find out the mean

mean = sum(data) / count
# print(f"Average for data list is {mean}")

If you are using Python >= 3.4 then you can use the statistics library to easily compute the mean.

import statistics
mean = statistics.mean(data)
print(f"Average for data list is {mean}")

You can do the same thing in numpy library.

So first make sure you install numpy.

pip install numpy

Then you can use the library by importing first

import numpy

Use the mean method to find out the data mean

mean = numpy.mean(data)
print(f"Average for data list is {mean}")
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